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Are Mens Cufflinks A Good Gift?

Updated: Jul 5

The short answer is yes, Men's cufflinks are not out of date gifts or presents.

Choosing a gift can be challenging for anyone but luckily cufflinks are very meaningful and still a perfect fit, they're still trendy and desired as they are elegant and one of the finer things, yes they also finish off a men's suit.

A pair of cufflinks hold a great history as family members have passed them down to future generations or a young man has purchased his first pair for a formal or a family friend's wedding, no matter what the occasion there have always been a pair that fit and hold great memories.

What is a Cufflink & How did they Start

Since the conception of cufflinks in the 16th century, the first-time cufflinks were possibly recognized but were not called cufflinks as ribbons were used to cuff shirts together.

We have seen many styles and shapes with textures, silver and gold, novelty and classic men's cufflinks. Even personalised for fathers Day or a memory of a loved one, cufflinks can have anything engraved. There are a set of cufflinks for anyone that suit them.

How are cufflinks spelt as it is very common to misspell cufflinks? google tells us searches are spelt cuff links

Are Cufflinks An Outdated?

Cufflinks are a timeless piece and will never be extinct, along with a man having to wear a suit and fasten his shirt cuffs. These days google suggests thousands of searches are still carried out every month for a new pair. A men's pair of high-quality cufflinks can last a lifetime and will be worn repeatedly to every event or occasion they can., now with so many designs and styles the cufflink range keeps growing.

Are Cufflinks A Intimate Present?

Purchasing a pair for someone special or a loved one can be a very thoughtful gift, it means a lot when someone opens a box and sees a special pair of cufflinks. Normally a young man will see his first pair when he has his first dance or someone gives him a personalised pair with a date or name. When they have an occasion to wear cufflinks again they will remember who purchased them and the meaning behind it.

Not being bias but we think cufflinks when purchased as a gift are such a surprise, just think when did someone you know receive a pair of cufflinks that can last forever?

What Occasion Should I Gift Cufflinks

Cufflinks have always been a good gift for any occasion formal and informal, a pair of cufflinks present very well. If it is for a birthday present or fathers day or just a colleague at work. Our current purchases from our store are for wedding anniversaries, formals, best groomsmen gifts,

Are cufflinks an affordable gift?

Normally when purchased cufflinks will arrive in a professional presentation as it is in a protective case or box for transport, so basically half the presentation is done, just a nice bag and you have a great gift. Cuff links can be very affordable but also can be quite expensive so depending on how much you want to spend, we have spent some time researching and estimating the cost of a pair of cufflinks can vary between $30 to $100 online, yes some stores sell for a lot more and some can be only a few dollars but remember you want incredible workmanship and high quality when it's a gift. We always recommend checking the reviews of the company you're purchasing from and making sure they come in a box. If it is a last-minute purchase lucky these days a lot of online stores can post express in Australia.

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