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What is the purpose of cufflinks!

Or should we ask what is the point of cufflinks and should I wear them? The short answer to wearing them is all about the purpose. If you’re just wearing a button up shirt and have no special occasion, I would probably say don’t worry about them but if it is a special occasion.

If you think cufflinks are only 20 years old, then you are wrong but will discuss the intent and when they first started.

Cufflinks have deep history and one of royalty. Did you know Cufflinks date back 1600s!

The first-time cufflinks were possibly recognized but were not called cufflinks as ribbons were used to cuff shirts together.

Charles the second, wore them as a fashion statement which made them very popular in the upper-class society in England. Very much a royalty item and one of wealth.

So, the true purpose of a set of cufflinks are tools or accessories items to fasten the shirt cuffs closed, these days cufflinks are made out of all different materials and shapes and sizes. These cufflinks are highly interchangeable and can be stored away in a box for use on a later day.

The type of occasion and this one is completely up to you and in 2022 we see them on more men’s wrists.

  • Weddings. Most men will have a cufflink on their wrist, or the best man will have a matching set/pairs. The farther of the bride, the usher or male attendees of the wedding.

  • Formals, school formals or prom or just a dance. Young men will have a great chance to wear a set of cufflinks.

  • Work, If you’re a lawyer or real estate agent or have that big meeting we know a good suit and tie and shoes will go a long way. Cufflinks have been added to the daily men’s suit work attire.

There is no occasion so don’t let this stop you. If you want to close the cuffs of that shirt and don’t want to use buttons, it’s time to put on them cufflinks.

Cufflinks have such a community and public following, Ask your farther or Granddad and he will have a pair and probably wore them on and occasion he won’t forget and have a great story behind it too..

Let’s debunk some myths

  • Cufflinks are not only for the rich and wealthy

  • Cufflinks are not dead and are still highly fashionable

  • No body wants cufflinks. Google tells us thousands and thousands of people search each month for them still.

  • What age can I start to wear cufflinks. Any age from kids to adults.

Cufflinks in 2022 are so popular with a huge range of collections and designs,

Materials, have such a diverse range of finishes and colours as well as shape.

Cufflinks people buy online these days can be ones of novelty that relate well to the person receiving a gift. As example sport

Have a look at these cricket ball cufflinks

Here is a list of materials cufflinks are made from

- Leather

- Glass

- Stone

- Metals

- A combination of all these.

So we would highly suggest to look for cufflinks online and you will find pair.

See our cufflinks we have in our collection

Find some images below of cufflinks

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Written by the The Ginger Collection Team. Based In Sydney Australia

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